Turn off the tap

Should councils stop granting consents for New Zealands water to be bottled and sold?

I recently had the Forest and Bird society on the door step asking for donations towards riparian planting to help filter the toxic waste as it runs into the rivers and lakes contributing to NZ’s poor water quality. With out doubt business and industry should be responsible and liable for the clean up and improved quality of water we all should be enjoying, it is a crying shame that with all of modern science, we can’t or won’t do anything about allowable water pollution.

There is an issue about taking water for bottling and it may be a drop in the bucket compared to the legal dumping of harmful materials into the water ways, but it is emotional to see clean water that the public is being denied, sold off for what seems like a pittance.

Clean green pure NZ, the public needs something to show that government and councils are taking this issue seriously – granting consents to discharge into, pollute or take billions of litres for someone else’s profit just doesn’t seem right.