Let’s fight!

Just read an article written about a book called Raising Boys. I was particularly interested in the why’s of wrestling with young boys. I must say I was a bit perplexed also to read that a 14 year old’s testosterone is 800% more than a toddlers – that explains a lot of my teenage years!

Dads, and other adult male carers engage in play fighting or wrestling for fun, but it has serious learning implications; Fun and noisy can also lead to anger followed by the learning of boundaries, rule setting and ultimately self regulation.

Play wrestling teaches little boys when to stop. I love the idea that through fun rough housing as a 3 or 4 year a boy can learn to self control his anger in adult life and know when to back off.

All the more reason to promote active play with a present adult, if these are the benefits then Let’s fight!




Confucius say’s

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So true, now how to undo inter-generational under achievement, distrust of main stream education and promote higher aspirations of educational and cognitive abilities for our children. How do you we give peace to those who lack confidence from not having gained a useful, broad, fact based, culturally sensitive and emotionally stable education? Perhaps the education system could be targeting those who show signs of needing peace for the benefit of wider society?.

More money, yes more money! targeted with measurable and accountable goals, for individuals and providers to meet the needs of mental health and social circumstances that have prevented quality early childhood and on going education. Can we (the government and community) provide more concentrated and sustained care to children and whanau to break the cycle and provide an equitable opportunity for peace?

Providing more to those who have less (money* – safety, support, education) gives  an equal chance for all to have peace. when the societies less well equipped are confident as children and parents we will all contribute and prosper.