Why Teach?

*1. Is it okay if the Ministry of Education drops the current wage/salary attestation requirement for ECE services?

What are your thoughts on this? All teachers should have some qualification, with 80% to degree level, Centre attesting to this should be rewarded accordingly

*2. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement:  “There is a need for early childhood teachers who are not kindergarten teachers and are not covered by a collective agreement to have some form of minimum wage protection that is above the adult minimum wage of $15.25 an hour”.

Pre school age children are the countries greatest asset therefore their professional carers should be supported in staying with and furthering their abilities and careers, minimum higher rates with these rates increasing as qualifications increase ie more for dip, degree, masters etc….


Is it okay for teachers counted within the minimum legal adult to child ratios at services to not be required to be working with the children and be able to leave ‘the floor’ to do admin or other work? (this would make it possible to count those attending meetings, in the office, doing washing, etc. as being part of the minimum adult-child ratio for supervision)   

Don’t have an opinion on this
Face to face, eyes on, giving positive role modeled attention to children is what matters most.  A teacher not on the floor is not observing, scaffolding, guiding, facilitating or supporting children’s learning – not to mention it’s just not safe!

*4. Are you

an employee working at an early childhood service (employees include paid managers, supervisors, kindergarten teachers, teachers, visiting teachers/ coordinators, relievers, etc)
an employer or provider of an early childhood service
a student 
an in-home educator who is a private contractor and not an employee
Other (please specify)

*5. Are you with an early childhood service or group of services that are

community-owned or publicly-owned
privately-owned (e.g. by a person or people,  by a company,  or private family charity)
or not associated directly with any particular early childhood service or ECE group

Thank you for your answers and your time in responding

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