About being there

Where are you? worrying about the day to day bills and chores, rushing to get to the end of each day or taking a breath, stopping to remember those moments when we see our children doing what they do? You see them even if they might have momentarily forgotten that you are there, available to advise, guide or just give a thumbs up or wipe away a tear.

Everyday I think about my interactions and reactions to remind myself that all children need a positive adult to be there and support, challenge and encourage them. Keeping perspective, not sweating the small stuff and enjoying those growing moments , those learning moments  together is more important then gold.

Dr Dan Siegel wrote on the garrisoninstitute.org “Parenting is an inside-out job—for fathers and mothers. What this means is that the field of attachment research suggests the most effective plan for helping a child develop resilience and optimize their chances for well-being in life are, simply put, a parent’s presence.”

It’s not about joining in or doing things with children, we don’t need to rescue them from every trial or solve their problems, but instead to build that relationship where they know you are there for them  and you are confident what moments you get are spent being present.

I love this, let children be children and let yourself enjoy their journey.



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