Positive strategies for classroom management.

Here’s a few ideas or reminders of what you might be doing already. I’ve picked up lots of positive behaviour management tools from IY the Incredible Years course and a in recent seminar with Joseph Dressien and I’m looking forward to building more mutual respect in the class room.

Positive strategies for classroom management.

  • Praise positive behaviours regularly/often using kind words and gestures such as high fives. (Tip be specific) It’s great when their peers hear them being pumped up, everyone gets that feel good factor.
  • Invite children to help or participate in activities and setup to create ownership, confidence and belonging. Redirecting or giving responsibility to challenging children really helps boost their positive self-esteem, confidence and feelings of belonging. 
  • Set clear expectations for routines and behaviour – let children know what’s happening.
  • Positive forecast what children are going to do and give incentives such as stamps or stickers where necessary – young children love something tangible.
  • Always have equipment/ clothing etc… ready before activity – be organised.
  • Take deep breaths and have fun

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