Preschoolers learning from movement


Activities for preschoolers

This reminded me of an article by  Rae Pica (1997) who thought that active play with peers encouraged social and emotional learning as it requires awareness of others, turn taking and cooperation in creating a sense of happiness from achieving positive peer interactions. Kids love doing active things together!

Obstacle courses

Especially ones they have input into, try to incorporated instability, walking, crawling, jumping and things they need to go over or under, give obstacles names ie; the tyre of doom or walking the pirates plank. Do it with the children to role model or engage target children as leaders or to be the “first” to try.

In summer have the final hurdle be a ramp into water or use hula hoops to roll in front of children as moving obstacles. You have children carry objects through the course to score goals or points to encourage them…

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