Teachable moments and adapting play

I’ve planned my day for preschool; activities to do, stories to read, feeling energised and ready to have fun guiding 3 year old’s to discover positive social disposition’s and learn through play.

Great it’s raining and the kids are wired like they started the day with a double espresso. I love the idea that everything can be a learning moment and a sense of wonder can be found in the simplest of impromptu activities. I Stay calm while post toddler boys challenge the rules around relationship building and leap off furniture to add spice and excitement to their classroom bound day. “Line up!” I shout across the cacophony of 20 small children. Stopping mid play expectant eyes watched as I set an inside obstacle course, planks and pipes from outside to make a balance beam and seesaw, then cones and hoops to move around, through and over – then out comes the eggs and spoons?! Some boys help move chairs and boxes to where they think they should be on the course and we are set.

A challenge, something different, motor skills put to the test while having to work alongside their peers. Wow, this is the stuff of great imagination.

I watch as the children line up practicing turn taking, I see focused concentration as the first child wobbles across the bridge of doom and I take his hand as he steps through the hoops, then holding the spoon in two hands to moves around the boxes … – ahhh disaster! the boiled egg drops. He recovers well showing great resilience to make it to the finish and hand over to his friend.

So we didn’t get to build a giant volcano in the sandpit or do sensory play with gloop, what the children needed was a challenge to make them move and think. Spontaneous play provided a rich source of fun teachable moment’s.

The school day is done, time to prepare for another.


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